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Early Learning Curriculum

Our preschool curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child including social-emotional, fine and gross motor, language and literacy, and cognitive development. Teachers utilize the California Preschool Learning Foundations and curricula programs to plan and implement daily learning activities that are developmentally appropriate and individualized to meet the needs of each student, including those with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The curriculum incorporates both play-based and direct instruction teaching methods where teachers follow a daily schedule that allows for both structured and unstructured times throughout the day to promote kindergarten readiness. Additionally, our preschool curriculum aligns with the NMUSD Kindergarten curriculum to help prepare our preschool students for the high standards of kindergarten. 

World of Wonders curriculum provides developmentally appropriate instruction in all areas of development with an emphasis on language and literacy. 

Bridges Math Pre-K curriculum focuses on developing students' deep understanding of mathematical concepts, proficiency with key skills, and ability to solve complex and novel problems. It blends direct instruction, structured investigations, and open exploration. 

Handwriting Without Tears is a flexible, play-based curriculum that offers a full pre-writing program and materials that build critical skills like early math and literacy.

Second Step Early Learning program creates a positive and safe learning environment for the whole child. The program brings together social-emotional learning, executive function, self-regulation, and child safety to foster a safe and supported learning environment for all. 

The Center on the Social-Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (CSEFEL) strategies is focused on promoting the social-emotional development and school readiness for children.