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Newport-Mesa Schools Recognized for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Programs
Posted 8/16/21

It is generally accepted that teachers and educators in today’s world have an obligation to promote positive behavior, build character, and enhance the decision quality of all students. While there are many ways to do this, one approach at NMUSD is the implementation of Positive Behavior and Intervention Systems (PBIS) to develop a school culture that leads to maximizing the social, emotional, and academic success of all students. 

PBIS focuses on creating and sustaining systems of support that engage elements of a student’s personal pursuits, health, social, family, work, and recreational activities. The philosophy is to use a multi-level approach with increasing interventions applied as behaviors escalate or when lower-level interventions do not result in proper conduct. 

The California Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) Coalition recognized Davis Magnet School with a gold award and Killybrooke Elementary School with a silver award for excelling at the implementing  interventions and school-wide programming. 

To receive recognition schools must succeed in creating a comprehensive PBIS implementation plan, and appropriately using interventions to lower classroom disturbances, discipline issues, office referrals, and suspension rates, all of which results in increased instructional time and positive academic impact.

“I am proud of the PBIS support that our schools provide to continually foster a school climate and culture of positive behavior which contribute to improving academic outcomes,” said Assistant Superintendent of Student Support Services, Dr. Sara Jocham.

Students in classroomDavis Magnet Elementary School - Davis students have a strong understanding of behavior expectations, which are reinforced through a focus and positive connection with classmates and school staff. As part of the PBIS program, Davis cultivates a positive school climate where teachers work for the betterment of the students by prioritizing the “person” over the “scholar.” This mentality makes our students feel supported, nurtured and loved, which allows them to be more successful in the classroom and in their academics. Various employees on campus serve as mentors for students to provide motivation, encouragement, and positive reinforcement in allowing students to meet their specific goals.

Students outsideKillybrooke Elementary School - Killybrooke students consistently demonstrate their ability to be respectful, responsible and kind. The Killybrooke staff works diligently to foster core behavioral expectations, which are taught, modeled, and frequently reviewed with the intent that all students can be successful at demonstrating positive behaviors. The school PBIS teams meet regularly to review schoolwide data and determine support for every student as well as targeted support for individual students. Killybrooke prides itself on a welcoming culture with a strong sense of community that ensures all students feel valued, heard and understood. 

To learn more about NMUSD’s PBIS programs please visit the NMUSD Student and Community Services Webpage.