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Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations are developed by the Personnel Commission and staff.  They are to be used as a guideline to carry out the everyday operations of classified staff members. 

Personnel Commission Rules

Annual Reports

Personnel Commission

The Personnel Commission is responsible for the management of personnel functions related to the Classified Service. These functions include recruitment, selection, classification, and rules and regulations development and administration.

The Commission consists of three citizens from the school district community who are appointed for three-year terms. One commissioner is appointed by the Board of Education, one is appointed by the employee organization and the third is appointed by the first two.

The Personnel Commission has an independent staff and budget. The Commission staff consists of a Personnel Director and support staff. The Personnel Director is responsible for the administration of the Commission's rules and regulations and acts as the Commission's professional expert in all areas of personnel management under the Commission's authority.

Personnel Commissioners

Mr. Tristan L. Aley, Chairperson, Joint Appointee

Tristan Aley, Joint AppointeeTristan Aley retired from NMUSD with over 39 years of service in the Maintenance and Operations Department .  He began his service as the joint appointee to the Personnel Commission in 2013.  Mr. Aley's current term runs through December 2024.

Ms. Susan Meyer, Vice-Chairperson, Classified Employees' Union Appointee

Susan Meyer, CSEA appointeeSusan Meyer is a resident of Costa Mesa and was reappointed to the Personnel Commission in December 2011. Ms. Meyer has served as a classified employee of the North Orange County Community College District (Cypress Campus) and currently serves as a Labor Relations Representative with the Orange Field Office of California School Employees Association. She was originally appointed as the CSEA representative to the Personnel Commission in 1996 and served through December 2002.  Ms. Meyer’s current term runs through December 2023.

Mr. Kenneth L. Wayman, Member, District Board Appointee

Kenneth Wayman, School Board AppointeeKenneth L. Wayman is an Attorney and has practiced locally for over 38 years.  He has lived in the District since 1965, and all of his children and his wife graduated from district schools.  He has served this district as a teacher, School Board Member, and as Representative to the California School Boards Association.  Mr. Wayman was originally appointed to the Personnel Commission as the  NMUSD School Board’s designee in February of 1998, and has been reappointed to his current term through December 2022.

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