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Foster Youth Enrollment

Children become involved in the foster care system because they cannot remain safely at home due to abuse or neglect. Foster children and youth may be placed with relative caregivers, in foster homes, foster family agencies or group homes. Foster youth are under the jurisdiction of the Juvenile Court and are supervised by either Social Services or Probation.

Foster children and Youth services:

Under Assembly Bill 490 and Assembly Bill 1933, foster children and youth are entitled to:

  • Access to same academic resources as all students
  • Least restrictive environment
  • Child’s best interest
  • Immediate enrollment
  • Foster youth in high school whose court jurisdiction ends are allowed to continue in “school of origin” through graduation
  • There are protections for grades, credits, and graduation

Please visit this site for additional information:  Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful documents needed upon enrollment at NMUSD:

  • Placement agreement
  • Name and phone number of Social Worker/Deputy Probation Officer
  • Health and Education Passport (HEP)
  • Contact information of educational rights holder
  • Individuals that have monitored or limited visitation
  • Immunization form
  • Medical release
  • Birth certificate
  • Educational Rights Holder
  • Individual Educational Plan

If any of these documents are missing, the student will be enrolled immediately and the school will follow up with the remaining missing documents.

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