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Guide dogs, service dogs, or other qualified and licensed guide or assistance animals in training may not be denied access to a school campus or school bus, provided they would otherwise have a right or need to access the campus or participate in a school activity (student pickup, meet with personnel, or attend an event). 

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Property & Liability Services

Our Mission

The primary mission of the Property & Liability department is to protect the district's assets from major loss, and to ensure against losses that would adversely impact the financial stability of the district. This is accomplished through a combination of self-funding and insurance agreements that are fiscally sound and cost effective. This mission is accomplished through four basic approaches to responsible risk management: 

  • Provide information that helps district staff proactively eliminate risk exposure via Confidential School Accident reporting and coordinate the participation of training aimed at reducing risk.

  • Assure Certificates of Insurance are issued to reduce district exposure, issue Certificates of Insurance where appropriate to accommodate outside district entities, and attain driving record information to ensure the safety of students and staff.

  • Participate in prudent insurance programs designed to maximize fiscal protection at minimal cost.

  • Provide positive and aggressive control of claims brought against the district and settle claims fairly, responsibly, and in a timely and practical manner wherever possible.

If you are alleging District liability due to a negligent act or omission on the part of the District or its employees that contributed to the injury (loss, etc.), please request a claim form by contacting:

Newport-Mesa Unified School District
2985 Bear Street, Building A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Phone: 714-424-5005
Fax: 714-424-5015

Upon receipt of the Claim for Damages, a file will be established and the claims review process will begin.  Please be advised, this process can take some time and may require handling by our third party administrator.  It is imperative that you complete the claim form in its entirety, including specific information as outlined.  Attach a copy of backup documentation, including two (2) estimates to repair or replace.  Return the signed and completed claim form and backup document as instructed.


Please contact Samantha Baltazar to arrange for service of subpoenas & summons. 


All subpoenas and documents for legal matters concerning NMUSD and its employees must be directed to Fiscal Services at the Education Center offices Monday-Friday, between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.

2985 Bear Street, Building A
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Direct all questions and concerns to the Fiscal Services Administrative Assistant at 714-424-5005.

If a Process Server is attempting to serve a non-work related subpoena for Documents or Appearance to an employee currently working at an NMUSD site, it must be served to the employee before or after school hours and at a venue other than the NMUSD site.

The safety of our students is one of our most important concerns. Even so, accidents do happen and resulting medical treatment (surgery, hospitalization, etc.) can be very expensive.   Please know that the District does not assume responsibility for these costs. However, as a service to you and your child, your school has joined with thousands of others by offering you access to a low cost, voluntary purchase, student accident/health insurance program. The program is arranged and administered by Myers-Stevens Toohey Co., Inc., a firm that has specialized in such coverages for over 40 years. 


Download a copy of the 2022-23 Student Insurance Form and apply online.

Descargue una copia del formulario de Seguro Estudiantil 2022-23 y aplicar en linea.

The 2021-22 Student Insurance Form is also available in KoreanMandarin, and Vietnamese.  


Phone 949-348-0656 or 800-827-4695
Fax 949-348-2630

Contact Us

Jonathan Wilby
Director, Risk Management

Samantha Baltazar
Administrative Assistant, Confidential

Kim Nguyen
Office Assistant II