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Estancia High School

Estancia is growing their pathways making way for innovative and aspiring futures in Patient Care, and Residential and Commercial Construction, and Design, Visual and Media Arts...

Patient Care

The (EMA) Estancia Medical Academy is a "school within a school" program that combines academic instruction with specialized training in that perspective health profession. Our goal of the program is to expose students to the diverse careers and the opportunities available in the health care industry. Students that are interested in joining the EMA program will begin their experience in the sophomore year taking two classes for a total of one year. Those classes will be Introduction to Health Careers, and Medical Terminology. Their journey continues into their junior year taking a full year of Sports Medicine. And then as a senior, students will conclude the program with Emergency Medical Responder.

Residential & Commercial Construction

Construction Technology courses are offered to 9th - 12th grade students. The activities in these courses range from general or exploratory skills to job-specific skills that prepare students to select and pursue career paths in the Building and Construction Trades industry sector.

Design, Visual & Media Arts

The Design, Visual, and Media Arts program at Estancia focuses on communication Design and Animation. Students will start their course of study with computer graphic design and develop their composition and digital skills. Students may then choose Advanced computer graphics or go on to multimedia communications. In Multimedia Communications, students will learn motion graphics and start learning the fundamentals of animation. Lastly, students will draw deeper connections between communication design and story telling by working on full animations for marketing and entertainment.